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wahahah hey everyone

so uh, as the title states this is about pixfan9 |D it's starting tomorrow and RinDynamite and i have decided to start a guild together (yaaay....) so basically 
we need people in our guild bc its only us two at the moment //quiet sobbing 
so like,, if you wanna join in and party with the cool kids then hmu !!!!!
AOHC: Flora's Buff Potion by moomoko
AOHC: Flora's Buff Potion
Please click here for the full comic:…

i was lucky enough to get an extension on this, thank you so much winnietehpoohie ; _ ; i hope this isn't too late

i'm currently preparing for very, very important exams, so i've had less and less time to myself recently... so sorry for my inactivities. i hope that once these exams are over, i can be far more active again. 
but since these are important, please do bear with me ;; i'm trying my best. 

anyway, i hope that this is alright u v u ;;;; idk why i put it into this format-- took me forever @ _ @ note to self: make a strip next time 
also the shading's really scrappy i know :'D that is also because of lack of time;; waahhhh
but i'm glad i got it done, Q A Q 

Sergio Kalis (c) DjRoguefire 
Flora (c) moomoko 
AOHC: Florencia Strouse by moomoko
AOHC: Florencia Strouse
{revamped her a little bit-- hope this is alright! i've decided flora's gonna be an alchemist this semester o v o // yay}
Name: Florencia Strouse
Nickname: Flora
Age: 16
Gender: Girl
House: Incarnatus
Species: Human/Tanuki
Height: 5'3"
Sweets, cake, making friends
Mean people, blood/violence, heights
Making clothes, making friends, eating cake
Flora is a girl who is out there to do one thing: Befriend everybody. That is her ultimate goal, in fact. Although she is fairly far from completing it... She also wants to find love, get married... etcetera. She's a little dim, and a little blunt, but usually has good intentions.  However, she can be prone to screaming, which upsets those particularly with sensitive ears. 

Flora's father was a blacksmith and owned a shop in a small village, far from any cities. His blacksmith business was going well, however he found himself growing old, and had no son to carry it on. Being uninterested in any relationship of any kind, he went in search of someone who could solve his problem. That he did find; A witch who claimed she could turn any animal he found into a living, breathing child. Ecstatic, her father ran out to the woods to seek any animal he could use, and it didn't take him long to find one. A tanuki, a baby one at that, seemingly lost from the rest of its family wandered out of a nearby bush. He caught the tiny animal in his arms and brought it back to the witch, who, just as she had promised, turned it into a child. A young, crying girl with nothing on but a pair of pink, round glasses.
But it wasn't what the man wanted. He wanted a son. But the witch would not hear of it, and refused to help him any further. He had no choice but to bring her home and teach her the ways of being human.
After human etiquette, he tried to teach her the ways of a blacksmith. His efforts to teach her tool building were all in vain, however, as she did not understand one bit, and found herself getting bored frequently. She was more interested in the food around the village than what her father wished for her to do. He grew frustrated, shouted at her repeatedly, (asking why she couldn't have just been a HUMAN child in the first place, let alone a boy) and eventually rejected her altogether, sending her off to the Academy of Heroes in hope that she would learn to be a stronger, more "boyish" girl. 
Having been left in confusion over what and who she really is, Flora's sole aim now is to find a way for her to become permanently human.

- Flora can cast illusions to confuse enemies if one should appear
- Flora has a fair knowledge on plants, etc. And knows which ones are poisonous and which ones might heal, etc
- She  has basic first-aid knowledge, too
- She has a bag of sweets in case she gets lost in the wilderness and is close to starving to death

Additional Info:
- Flora will turn into a tanuki if her glasses fall off
- The only person that currently knows that Flora is actually a tanuki is Daryl
- How long her glasses are off for determines how many tanuki features she will have 
   - It takes about 10 minutes to transform into a full tanuki
   - The transformation is incredibly painful for Flora, so please do not take off her glasses.
- It is because of her father's rejection that Flora wishes to befriend everyone
   - It is her way of trying to mend her broken heart, as you will 
   - Because of this, if Flora is rejected by others she immediately takes it to heart and often takes a fair number of days to recover
- Almost all of Flora's clothes are handmade!
- Flora doesn't know how to bake, but she really hopes to learn someday!

- Sergio (c) DjRoguefire 
  - Flora's first friend - He's like a big brother to her! 
- Zeenyx (c) ezalen 
  - Another one of Flora's first friends! He feeds her lots of cake
- Daryl (c) SousekiTerra 
  - Someone Flora had a crush on for a while. She's pretty sure she's gotten over him by now, though
- Helena (c) vampkimi 
  - Helena is also super kind and feeds Flora lots of sweets! 
- Aeollis (c) Ophelion 
  - Another big-sibling relationship. Aeollis is wonderful for advice! 
- Evelyn (c) winnietehpoohie 
  - What a sweet little girl - She also seems to like sweets as much as Flora does! 
- Mahift (c) lazendar 
  - Sometimes he lets Flora into the kitchens and bakes her food... Yum! 
- Viveka (c) chocominty 
  - Sc-sc-sc-sc-scary... Perhaps... Flora had the wrong impression about her. Maybe she's not as scary as she had previously thought
- Erika (c) RinDynamite 
  - The first teacher Flora got to know... They often eat lots of cake together
- Gabe (c) ThunderSpade 
  - A pretty funny guy. (Although there can often be quite a few... misunderstandings between the two, since neither of them are particularly bright-- no offence, Gabe.)

AOHC: Introduction Meme!!! by moomoko
AOHC: Introduction Meme!!!
:iconpinksparklesplz::iconaohc-incarnatus::iconpinksparklesplz:GIVE INCA POINTS we deserve it we're the best house:iconpinksparklesplz::iconaohc-incarnatus::iconpinksparklesplz:

OMG GUYS HI!!! hi!!! omg i just managed to get this finished in time okay ; 7 ; excuse my awful handwriting aa;;;;;;
i can't remember how to draw or rp my flora babu anymore it's been so long i cry Q ___ Q i missed her tho :iconyuicryplz: I MISSED ALL YOU GUYS TOO it's so nice being back in the chatroom omggggggg

let's start off with crediting people for their characters~~~
Sergio - DjRoguefire 
Zeenyx - ezalen 
Daryl - SousekiTerra 
Mahift - lazendar 
Helena - vampkimi 
Aeollis - Ophelion 
Louise - Kiyo-kaze 
Cendy - Fenrixion 
Faris - Limauu 
Erica - RinDynamite 

i think that's it asjdkflajlsd-- thank you so much \( ; 7 ; )/ see you soon!!!
hiya everyone ; v ; / *waves* 

sorry again for not being active Q _ Q ;; i feel like i miss out on opportunities to talk to so many friends simply by barely ever going on this website

ANYWAY, that's not the point i'm making here ehhhh 

/o/ merry christmas to all of you \o\

this year has been difficult, but it's also been exciting 
i've met amazing new friends, and strengthened my friendship with those i wasn't as close with... overall, i am happy

it's so cold rn omg i need to go put on a hoodie or a jumper

but yeah, i want to say thank you... since i did go through a period this year of feeling a little depressed; feeling like i wasn't wanted amongst my friends, thinking i'm a burden... i know i posted quite a few vents here ahaa;;;;

and although those negative thoughts haven't completely left my mind, i'm feeling better about myself, and about others

so really
thank you so much 

djfaklsdjflkas i'm getting all emotional rn fml i can't do this

let's all look forward to 2015! and let's all hope it will be a successful year for us all \(Q v Q)/

idk if i'll be able to post one of those 2014 progress art thingies this year-- i haven't finished enough drawings to do so i think OTZ


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜rosa/15/INFP〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)
i'm not very good at drawing but i am trying my best!
as well as drawing i love classical music! please talk to me about classical music
my current dream is to enter a high-tier music school
thank you for stumbling upon my page!
feel free to check out my art!
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i love cake

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